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birthday     SpaceToon is an Arabian television channel, that specializes in animation and children programs. It began broadcasting in March of 2000 and has two primary headquarters: one that opened in 2001 in Damascus, and another that opened in 2004 in Dubai.

Spacetoon Group has 3 channels in the Middle East: Spacetoon, Space Power TV, and the now-defunct Spacetoon English, which stopped broadcasting on January 1st, 2011. (Wikipedia)

There are some old my Spacetoon picture collections that most of it was taken from Official Spacetoon Site, some of them are bad quality, sorry.


Indonesian : Planet ABC (Untuk angka dan huruf)

English : Planet Alpha (Planet of the numbers and letters)

Arabic : Planet Abjad  (Kaukab al-arqam wa al-huruf)

Freqency : Often
Abjad_2008 Abjad-ar AbjadMobarkABC.Red


Indonesian : Planet Aksi (Ketegangan dan misteri)

English : Planet Action (Planet of the excitement and mystery)

Arabic : Planet Aksyun (Kaukab al-itsarah wa al-ghamudl)

Freqency : Often
action Action-ar


Indonesian : Planet Petualangan (Imajinasi dan kegembiraan)

English : Planet Adventure (Planet of the imagination and thrill)

Arabic : Planet Mughamarat (Kaukab al-khayal wa at-taswiq)

Frequency : Often
advanture adv-ar

Bon Bon

Indonesian : Planet Bon Bon (Untuk pahlawan besar)

English : Planet Bon Bon (Planet Heroes adults)

Arabic : Planet Bon Bon (Kaukab li al-abthal al-kibar)

Frequency : Often
bonbon BonBon_en


Indonesian : Planet Komedi (Gelak tawa)

English : Planet Comedy (Planet laughter)

Arabic : Planet Kumidiya (Al-kaukab adl-dlahik)

Frequency : Often
Comedy-en ComedyMobark Komedi @Komedi.Red


Indonesian : Planet Sejarah (Cerita masa lalu)

English : Planet History (Planet from time immemorial)

Arabic : Planet Tariikh (Kaukab min qadim az-zaman)

Frequency : Rare


Indonesian : Planet Film (Untuk segala warna)

English : Planet Movies (Planet of all colors)

Arabic : Planet Aflam (Kaukab min kulli alwan)

Frequency : Rare


Indonesian : Planet Sains (Penemuan dan ilmu pengetahuan)

English : Planet Science (Planet discovery and knowledge)

Arabic : Planet ‘Ulum (Kaukab al-iktisyaf wa al-ma’rifah)

Frequency : Sometimes


Indonesian : Planet Olahraga (Kekuatan dan tantangan)

English : Planet Sport (Planet of the challenge and strength)

Arabic : Planet Riyadlah (Kaukab at-tahaddy wa al-quwwah)

Frequency : Often


Indonesian : Planet Zomoroda (Khusus anak perempuan)

English : Planet Zumarda (Planet for girls only)

Arabic : Planet Zumurudah (Kaukab li al-banaat faqath)

Frequency : Often


Bonus :

There are some bad video qualities because I recorded this when I was kid with my own cellphone.

Sains @


Other References :

  1. All Arabic Spacetoon Planets.
  2. All Korean Spacetoon Old Planets (2000).

Update 01-2007 :

If you want to find the spacetoon planets with full Indonesian versions (2000 & 2006), I found a very good Youtube channel. Click it and go search the videos. Enjoy.

Click here to go to the channel.


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